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Distinguished and Famous people from Goldfields Esperance

Ronald Dale Barassi

Ronald Dale "Ron" Barassi is a renowned Australian rules football player and coach. Born on February 27, 1936, in the Goldfields Esperance region, Barassi is considered one of the sport's most influential figures. He played for Melbourne Football Club from 1953 to 1964, during which he won six premierships as a player. Barassi later had a successful coaching career, leading clubs like Carlton, North Melbourne, and Sydney Swans to multiple premierships.

Albert Facey

Albert Barnett Facey was an Australian author born on August 31, 1894, in the Goldfields Esperance region. Facey is renowned for his autobiography, "A Fortunate Life," published in 1981. The book depicts Facey's early life struggles, including poverty and the loss of his parents at a young age. Despite adversities, Facey's determination and resilience allowed him to succeed in various endeavors, becoming a well-respected figure and an inspiration to many.

John Curtin

John Curtin was the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, serving from 1941 until his death in 1945. Born in Creswick, Victoria, on January 8, 1885, Curtin spent much of his early life in the Goldfields Esperance region. He became heavily involved in politics and trade unions, advocating for worker's rights. Curtin's leadership during World War II and his efforts in strengthening Australia's political and economic ties with the United States earned him great respect and admiration.

Nola Marino

Nola Marino is an Australian politician who has been serving as the Member of Parliament for the Division of Forrest since 2007. She was born on October 26, 1954, in Kojonup, Western Australia, which is within the Goldfields Esperance region. As a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, Marino has been an active advocate for regional development, agriculture, and tourism in the area.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan is the current Premier of Western Australia, assuming office in 2017. Born on July 13, 1967, in Newcastle, New South Wales, McGowan moved to the Goldfields Esperance region at a young age and completed his education there. As Premier, he has focused on various initiatives, including infrastructure development, job creation, and environmental conservation.

Andrew Forrest

Andrew Forrest, commonly known as Twiggy Forrest, is a prominent Australian businessman and philanthropist. He was born on July 12, 1961, in Perth, Western Australia, and spent part of his childhood in the Goldfields Esperance region. Forrest is the founder of Fortescue Metals Group, one of the world's largest iron ore mining companies. His entrepreneurial success and significant philanthropic contributions have earned him widespread recognition.

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